Would you like a unique, different food vendor at your event, wedding, party or any celebration you may be arranging?

  • We offer a second to none service providing delicious Chilean Sandwiches and Chilean Empanadas in a very individual food mobile trailer that stands out from the crowd.
  • Made with thin slices of beef or pork in roll with juicy tomatoes, green beans and a unique avocado sauce.
  • Also supplying a unique hot dog with delicious avocado sauce and mouth watering Chilean Empanadas.

We look forward to hearing from you.

tel:07765488570 or 07899663526

Ely, Cambs

My Partner and I decided to start this business to bring this delicious Chilean food to the UK events circle. My Partner Miguel comes from Chile and has the expertise to create this dish with his experience in the catering industry for last 14 years. If you took an informal poll among Chileans of what food they crave when they are in country, out-of-country, any time of the day, and in many cases, would call the “unofficial” national dish of Chile, and they will tell you: El Lomito. This towering, mammoth pork sandwich is Chile’s most ubiquitous and beloved “fast food”. Chileans eat them down enthusiastically and round-the-clock at joints throughout the country. Its popularity can only be compared to the hamburger in the US.The Lomito was invented in the “Fuente Alemana”, a soda fountain in Santiago, Chile The Lomito is a sliced pork sandwich usually served on pan frica (a chewier hamburger-type bun). The lomito is, naturally, covered with the three colors of the Italian flag, represented by avocado, tomatoes, and mayonnaise (in vast quantities).